On February 25th in Dallas, Texas, Dr. Randall Markarian successfully presented six cases that he treated to maintain his American Board of Orthodontics certification. Dr. Markarian’s initial certification (5 year certification) was granted by passing a rigorous 6 hour written examination and completion of his orthodontic residency in 1994. The recertification is the most difficult part of the certification process that all orthodontists must do prior to gaining recertification for 10 years. The cases presented must be among the most challenging that an orthodontist will face, and they must be treated to a very high standard as judged by some of the finest orthodontists in the country. Board certification allows the public to know that their orthodontist can provide the highest quality care for even the most difficult cases. When asked about the experience, Dr. Markarian commented that, “I learned much more from scrutinizing my treatments in the light of trying to acheiving perfection than I would have thought and realizing that no matter how great they look, there is always room to improve. It has certainly reinforced the idea that you must always continue to strive to attain better results.” Dr. Markarian spent countless hours over a period of months preparing for the examination that was over in a matter of hours. “It was one of the most stressful days of my life, along with the weeks before while preparing and the month afterwards waiting for the results,” he said. Well, congratulations Dr. Markarian and keep up the great orthodontics you provide.

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